Personal Tax Return Preparation

Pricing for personal tax return preparation depends on the complexity of the return along with consultation time. Prices gernerally range as follows:

  • Relatively straightforward return (single taxpayer wage income, interest & dividends, and no itemization) - $150 to $250
  • Married taxpayers with itemized deductions - $225 to $350
  • Self-employed, landlord, brokerage trades - $300 to $500

We are available year round to assist with tax planning questions and to provide assistance with correspondence with taxing authorities.

Family taxation (Form 1040, including Schedule A)
Clergy taxation (Form 1040, including Schedule SE)
Sole proprietorships (Schedule C)
Personal investments (Schedule D)
Rental Properties (Schedule E)
Household employment ("nanny") taxes (Schedule H)

Business Tax Return Preparation

Partnerships (Form 1065)
Corporations (Forms 1120 and 1120S)

Nonprofit Tax Return Preparation

Annual nonprofit information return (Form 990)
Employee benefit plans (Form 5500)
Application for recognition of nonprofit status (Forms 1023, 1024)

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